EDIZIONI EAST 128 (Milano) - Ettore SOTTSASS

The 2 PERIODICALS of the publishing house '' EDIZIONI EAST 128", founded and run by Ettore SOTSASS in Milano (after he had started publishing in Palo Alto, California, from his room "East 128" in the hospital there).

a- Complete set of the periodical
ROOM EAST 128 CHRONICLE Nos. 1-3 (all published), 1962, together with -ARTI E LETTERE. SPECIAL. 7-6-62, 4 pages (in blue and yellow);
- together with the ORIGINAL LAY-OUT STENCILS which were used by Sottsass to print (mimeograph) Number 1 and
- together with the ORIGINAL MAQUETTE, WITH the ORIGINAL ARTWORK and handwritten INSTRUCTIONS used to lay-out and print Number 2;
b- Complete set (Nos. 1, 2/3) of the periodical PIANETA FRESCO in fine condition,
- together with the ORIGINAL LAY-OUT WITH PASTE-UPS AND ARTWORK used by Sottsass for NUMBER 2/3.

An important and unique ensemble.

EUR 60,000.00

Detailed as follows:-
a)- Room East 128 Chronicle: Numbers 1-3 (complete, extremely rare). Palo Alto, CA. , June-August 1962. 3 issues, originals as produced in stencil or mimeographed. WITH THE ORIGINAL STENCILS OF NUMBER 1 and the ORIGINAL MAQUETTE WITH ARTWORK OF NUMBER 2. This first Number, five sheets made by hand by Sottsass with his wife Fernanda Pivano, together with the special edition ARTI E LETTERE. Special, 7-6-62. Recenzione 'The making of a Cortisone, Matilda Pitaluga, 2pages, recto verso blank, in blue and yellow; had an edition of only 30 copies. In Maffei/Tonini, these pages were couted as part of No. 1, which in fact is complete in 5 pages, and Arti e Lettere is a separate publication, of 2 pages; very rare. Number 2 had an edition of 90, and Number 3 had 140 copies printed. "It originally came to being due to the unusual circumstance of an illness, which forced Sottsass into a hospital room in Palo Alto/Cal. He had to spend several months in the hospital and Fernanda Pivano, who was with him, suggested editing a magazine, which would be something between a personal diary and medical bulletin, helped by some American writer friends". "Pre-pop" graphics and personal texts.
b)- Pianeta Fresco. Nos. 1 and 2/3 (all published). Milano, East 128. (December 1967- Equinozio invernale 1968). Unpaginated (No. 1: 114 pages + 4 pages covers; No. 2/3: 162 pages + 4 pages covers). Original wrappers. TOGETHER WITH THE ORIGINAL MAQUETTE WITH ORIGINAL ARTWORK AND DESIGNS OF NUMBER 2/3. Pianeta Fresco was published by Edizioni East 128 in Milano, Number 1 in a printrun of 275 , Number 2/3 in a printrun of ca.1500. It was a wonderfully produced colourful handcrafted underground magazine, made by Ettore Sottsass jr. with Fernanda Pivano and Allen Ginsberg. The magazine was privately printed for friends, by reservation only, on different coloured stock and in various colours. It is dedicated to the poets and writers of the beat generation. Allen Ginsberg is mentioned in the masthead as "Direttore Irresponsabile". The journal "expressed Fernanda Pivano's interest in the USA underground culture and Sottsass' experiences with the Eastern culture in the '60ies, all supplemented with the contributions of Allen Ginsberg with his concrete adhesion to the Zen philosophy". (MDG in Rassegna No. 12). Contributors include Gary Snyder, Neal Cassidy, Vittorio Di Russo, Poppi Ranchetti, Andrea Donna, Pino Franzosi, Graziella Putelli, Miro Silvcera, Giulio Saponaro, Miryam Sumbulovich, Gianni Pettna, Archizoom, Lorenzo Malli, Donatella Pera, Paolo Pasciolla, and many others. A spectacular production with magnificent colourful underground artwork. Offered here together with the original maquette for No.2/3.

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