Collection of 13 publications.

Reflection Press was a prolific artist’s printing output published and edited by Dietrich Albrecht/ albrecht d. (1944-2013) in Stuttgart, Germany. From 1968 to 1988 the press produced and distributed a wide variety of publications such as posters, pamphlets, brochures, books, and tape cassettes, as well the magazine ‘flug/flux BLATTzeitung’. All paper-based publications were handmade in a small edition using quick and cheap printing methods such as transfer print/mimeography or stencilling with occasional rubber stamp additions. Albrecht published his own work, often featuring texts promoting his activist view on the German artworld, as well as work by various artists such as Günter Saree, Raoul Hausmann, Wolf Vostell, Christos Joachimides, Ben Vautier, Friederike Pezold, Milan Knizak, Yoshio Nakajima, Dietrich Fricker, Throbbing Gristle and others. This collection holds 13 Reflection Press publications:
John Cage: fiktives interview, 1969. Stapled booklet, 30 x 10.5 cm, 15 pp. Interview with Cage in German. Text printed purple on white paper, with red dot sticker on front cover
Raoul Hausmann: Manifest von der Gesetztmässigkeit des lautes, 1969. Stapled booklet, 30 x 10.5 cm, 12 pp. First published as "Schulze philosophiert” in 1919, reprinted in Mécano 1 1922.
Jedermanns Kreativität Nr. 1/ everybodys creativity, undated c.1970. Stapled booklet, 21 x 15 cm, 28 pp. Various contributors.
Albrecht/d. Documentation on the People’s Flagshow in New York 1970 and the trial against the organisers Jean Toche, Jon Hendricks und Faith Ringgold, 1970/71. 29.5 x 21.5 cm, 64 pp. Stencilled press clippings and documents. Back cover stencil of memorandum to Jon Hendricks from Yoko and John 29 dec. 1970. Some cover wear, dog eared, creasing
Siegfried Cremer: das alphabet, Visuelle Poesie nach dem Alphabet in vier Farben, undated. Brown/pink cover, stapled booklet, 21 x 15 cm, 26 pp. Printed in pink, blue and green on white paper.
Raoul Hausmann: 5 dada-manifeste, undated. Stapled booklet, 15 x 21 cm, 22 pp. Text transfer printed in purple on white sheet.
Dietrich Albrecht, Wolf Vostell and Günter Sarée, Solicitation letter / prospectus for publications related to the Unabhängigere Olympisches Komitee project. Stuttgart, Reflection Press, 1971. Mimeographed letter on thin sheet, 29.5 x 21 cm, with facsimile of Albrecht's signature at bottom. Corner- stapled to a covering sheet featuring xeroxed excerpts from 3 German press articles about the UOK project. The UOK (the ‘more-independent Olympics Committee’) was formed by Albrecht, Vostell and Sarée in 1971, in response to the official efforts to aestheticize the 1972 Munich Olympics; anti-artists Jean Toche and Henry Flynt would also become involved. The prospectus features information about the UOK mission and offered subscriptions to print materials to be produced by Albrecht's Reflection Press.
Dietrich Albrecht, Turkei oder die Griechische Losung der Sudflanke der Nato / CIA = Capital Interessen Assoziation. Stuttgart, 1972. Ensemble of 8 xerographic sheets, 29 x 21 cm, with inscription (dated 1972) from Albrecht to Underground collector/dealer Riewert Tode in red ink.
Siegfried Cremer, Der Künstler als Zauberlehrling (The artist as sorcerer's apprentice). Stuttgart, Reflection Press, c. 1974. Set of 5 postcards, 14.5 x 10.5 cm, with rectos illustrated after manipulated b/w photographs of the artist Cremer in tophat. Housed in original envelope, 11.5 x 16 cm, featuring hand-stamped titles. Versos show identical titles (in manuscript facsimile). Very rare, no OCLC records discovered.
Dietrich Albrecht / Robin Crozier, albrecht/d.'s Kalender 1990 für Robin Crozier. Stuttgart, 1989. Unique handmade calendar, 30 x 21 cm, staple-bound at top, with cardboard backing. Contains top-sheet, 18.5 x 21.5 cm, with manuscript and hand-stamped titles, followed by 12 monthly calendar sheets, featuring xerographic collages and original drawings/hand-stamps. The first two monthly sheets show friendly notes by Albrecht and reproduced collages from British Mail artist Crozier. Affixed to the October calendar is an envelope housing 14 copies of a Reflection Press postcard featuring a b/w drawing by Crozier, 10.5 x 15.5 cm, with colourful rubber stamp of Reflection Press to verso, along with a glossy postcard showing a photograph of Albrecht.
Albrecht D., Violence Permanente. Stuttgart, 1977. Stapled booklet with orange paper cover. 21 x 15 cm, 24 pp. Stenciled black on white paper. Mint copy.
Bestandsaufnahme zu d. Projekt Documenta 6 von Albrecht D. Stuttgart, 1977. Softcover, gluebound, 21 x 15 cm, c. 500 pp. Cover with handsigned title, signed on interior of cover page 'sold out, signed copy Albrecht D'. Exlibris lable on the same page. Also includes an inserted letter to the former owner, signed by Albrecht D. The booklet contains documentation of a 5 year project concerning Documenta 6. Contributions by Albrecht D., Christos Joachimides, Colin Naylor, Norman Rosenthal, Gustav Metzger, Mizukami Jun, C. Regild, Genesis P. Orridge, Frank Highby, Guillermo Deissler, JH Kocman, Jorge Caraballo, Clemente Padin, Charlotte Moorman et al. Cover with vertical fold, interior very good.
R Hausmann, Die henne kunsthandel legt wieder goldene windeier. Reprint 1981 from flug/fluxblattzeiting 8 & 7. Cover with hand added text. Original rubberstamps on front and backcover.