Numbers 1-5 (out of 8 published). London, Sandy Robertson, 1977, Original wrappers. Corner stapled at upper left. 29,8x21 cn. . Printed on rectos only. Illustrated (b&w). L ight corner creases over the staples to all issuesl ight wrinkles to back page of issue 1, Otherwise all in near fine condition. Each issue had a different subtitle and printed on different colour stock: Issue 1: A Rock N Roll Magazine for the Modern World (light blue); Issue 2: A Rock N Roll Magazine for Teen Aeshetes (pink); Issue 3: A Rock N Roll Magazine for Young Existentialists ( light green); Issue 4: A Rock N Roll Magazine for the New Romanticism (darks yellow); Issue 5: A Rock N Roll Magazine for international heroes (yellow stock).

EUR 2,000.00

Edited by Sandy Robertson. A PATTI SMITH fanzine, the name being derived from lyrics to Smith's song 'Ain't It Strange.' Scottish writer Sandy Robertson was a Scottish writer.Patti Smith was the main focus, others were also featured (Sex Pistols, Lou Reed, Harry Crosby, Kim Fowley, Artaud, Wilhelm Reich, Todd Rundgren). Robertson states in issue 1: "I'm starting this magazine because I believe that I have interesting ideas and yet I can't get them published by the 'big' music papers. Mark P. of Sniffin' Glue apparently said that everyone shoud start their own paper and I fully agree." And later: "I called it 'White Stuff' because I like Patti's line (from the song Ain't It Strange), and also there are lots of black music papers, but few in this country exclusively devoted to the music of urban white kids." No.1: Vive L'Anarchie; Patti Smith, Lou Reed; Sex Pistols, and more No.2:Contents feature articles on Smith and The Runaways, reviews of Smith's singles, Snatch, and The Clash, as well as numerous photos of Smith and surrealist poetry by Hans Arp and Antonin Artaud. No.3: Featuering the Patti Todd rundgren connections;Patti in 1973;You can't say "Fuck"in Radio Free Amwerica No. 4: Contents feature an article comparing Smith and Wilhelm Reich, as well as five pages of verse by Smith, each coupled with a different photograph. Issues of 'White Stuff' - particularly the early ones - are scarce in commerce; OCLC locates incomplete holdings at 3 US institutions, with 2 more in the UK. [Winchester, VA, No.5: Article by Frank W. Letchford on the art of Austin Osman Spare, 'Notes on Holiday Inn' by Smith, and a fans' notes on Smith, The Rolling Stones, and Rimbaud. Issues of 'White Stuff' - are scarce; OCLC locates incomplete holdings at 3 US institutions, with 2 more in the UK.

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