UFO Space Bulletin

Nos. 1 and 2 (all pub. in magazine size), Juni 1971. "Revolution durch Information" UFO 2 Space Bulletin, 2 Oktober 1971. Göttingen : Expanded Media Editions. 43 x 31 cm, folded to 4to. Together with (No.3): --UFO Sondernummer. Mar 72 (also referred to as UFO 3) 'Radio 23' Piratensender: Mitschnitt des Programms, das in der Nacht zum 1.März 1972 von dem Münchener Piratenwender Radio 23 gesendet wurde. A 60 min. audiocassette featuring pirate radio from Munich, promoted as the first audio magazine in the world. It was released in March 1972 as the third issue of UFO, a magazine edited by Udo Breger, Carl Weissner, Jürgen Ploog and Jörg Fauser. Added: Expanded Media Editions, Publisher's Catalog, illustrated. 16 pages,spine stapled in light green wrapper.
Very rare set of this German counter culture publication, nicely illustrated with collaged images, clippings, photographs, photocompositions, etc. With contributions of Joerg Fauser, Doc Benway, Allen Ginsberg, Schnee-Ede, Jürgen Ploog, Leila Khaled, Carl Weissner, Peter Weibel, Valie Export, Pelieu, Hamburger Mary, 'Flash Gordon', und 'Lonnie the Pimp'. Number 2 with contributions by Joerg Fauser, Harry Gelb, Pierre Joris, Jürgen Ploog, Carl Weissner, Dr. Kurt Unruh, Udo Breger, Jan Herman. Leara, OZ-Prozess, Schwarze Zelle, Junk, Blutiger Mittwoch, TECHNO-Anarchie, Coca-Cola. "Erstaunlicherweise haben wir die 2te Nr. geschafft."
Expanded Media Editions
-was a small publishing house run by Udo Breger in Göttingen dedicated to underground/beat publications.
Udo Breger (1941) is a German author, translator and publisher with close ties to the Beat Generation. Breger studied English and Romance Language & Literature at the University of Göttingen from 1964 to 1971, during which period he also ran an art gallery in Göttingen. Between 1968 and 1975 his Expanded Media Editions published and organised projects with Joseph Beuys, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Allen Ginsberg, Brion Gysin, William Burroughs and others. In the mid-1970s Breger translated Robert Shea’s and Robert Anton Wilson’s ‘Illuminatus! Trilogy’ for Sphinx Verlag, Basel. With the exception of a couple of years spent in Sweden, Breger has since then worked in Basel as a publicist and translator of works by Walt Whitman, Alan Watts, John Lilly, William Burroughs, Franco Beltrametti and others for various publishing houses including his own.

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