Fred Truck, Flat envelope: the biennial report.

Des Moines, Iowa, Cookie Press, 1982. Brown accordion folded envelope, 26 x 38 cm, with mounted title label and string tie. The envelope contains a variety of materials relating to Performance Bank, a project by Fred Truck aimed at creating an international database for performances. An explanatory title sheet explains how the Bank accepts proposals for performances (some of which are then realized by Bank personnel) and documents performances realized by others. Three yellow folders labeled Memos, Visuals and XL Visuals contain photocopies documenting performances. A computer print-out titled ‘Bonds of Performance’ and a computer-printed catalogue feature performance proposals and documentation arranged in alphabetical order by artist. Contributions by Anna Banana, Peter Below, Guy Bleus, Jean Brown, Paulo Bruscky, Ulises Carrion, Cavellini, Robert Filliou, Michael Gibbs, E.F. Higgins III, John Held, Waclaw Ropiecki, Guy Schraenen and many others (full list below). Noteworthy items in the envelope are a tiny flipbook by Opal L Nations and a hilarious colour photo series documenting Michael Gibb’s performance as executed by the staff of Performance Bank. Jean Brown's project involved biographical material on George Maciunas. The envelope has moderate rubbing and scuffing, all inserted items are in fine condition. Scarce. No copy found in trade.

EUR 1,500.00

Full list of contributors: Dr. Al Ackerman, Frank J. Anderson, Anna Banana, Peter Below, Billedstofteater (Copenhagen), Guy Bleus, Don Boyd, Jean Brown, Paulo Bruscky, Bureau de la Poesie (Warsaw), Linda Burnham, Ulises Carrion, John Carson, Guglielmo Achille Cavellini, Ishvahni LeClair, Hannes Clerico, David Cole, R.P. Connolly, Geoffrey Cook, Cracker Jack Kid, Robin Crozier, Dramatika (Tarpon Springs, Fla.), Steven Durland, Robert Filliou, Nicole Frangione, Kenneth Gaburo, Bill Gaglione, Rimma Gerlovin, Valery Gerlovin, Michael Gibbs, Anthony J. Gnazzo, Klaus Groh, James Hegarty, John Held, Scott Helmes, Shirley Henderson, E.F. Higgins III, Dick Higgins, Cindy Hilden, Mirjam Kopse, Mail Art/Arms Race Pool (So. Harpswell, Maine), Maryland Writers Council or Kirby Malone, Michael Metz, Mohammed, Michael Mollet, Monja Monastyrsky, Charles Morrow Associates (New York), Opal Louis Nations, Hans Nevidal, Off Centre Centre (Calgary), Jurgen O. Olbrich, Bern Porter, Waclaw Ropiecki, Guy Schraenen, R.D. Schroeck, Alex Selenitsch, Melanie Sherwood, Lon Spiegelman, Petr Stembera, Jaroslav Supek, Jean-Paul Thenot, Fred Truck, Margarita Tupitsyn, Ronald Wigman, George Wyllie, Paul Zelevansky, Anatoly Zhigalov and Natalia Abalakova.

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