Four poem sheets by Ira Cohen. All letterpress printed on handmade Lokta Nepalese paper. Includes: Ballad of the Gone MacLise. Kathmandu, Bardo Matrix Press, 1979. 54 x 21.5 cm. Folded once. Broadside poem written by Ira Cohen and illustrated by Hetty MacLise in memory of Angus MacLise a mere six days after his death. Fine copy + Bombay Black. 42 x 35 cm, folded twice. Kathmandu, Bardo Matrix, ca. 1975. Broadside poem illustrated with an elaborate woodblock print by Adrian Brooks. Fine copy + Night Song.Kathmandu, Bardo Matrix, ca. 1974-77. 39 x 31 cm, folded twice. Broadside woodblock print with letterpress text on Lokta paper. Broadside poem by Ira Cohen with an illustration by Adrian Brooks. Copy with folded corners, small abrasion on lower border, else fine + On Dreamers! Small text poem, 22 x 18 cm, in fine state.

EUR 400.00

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