Post Infinite and International Stamps No. 1 and No.2.
Cologne, Self published, 1980-1983. Mail art project and artists' books by Geza Perneczky contained in a brown screen printed and profusely rubber stamped envelope, 32 x 29 cm, which was sent to British poet and visual artist Michael Gibbs (1949-2009) in Amsterdam in January 1983.
Included is Perneczky's mailart project 'Post Infinite', containing 13 sheets of different sizes and stock with printed and rubberstamped collages. Each of the pieces is signed and numbered 152 /200. All in mint state.

EUR 1,200.00

Also contains the artists' books International Stamps No.1 (1980) and No.2 (1981). Both stapled booklets, 29.5 x 21 cm, 8 pp. and in mint condition. No.1 features the word 'secret' in several languages stamped in invisible ink on white paper, signed and numbered 055/365. No.2, fittingly on brown paper, shows the word 'shit' rubberstamped in various languages. Added in the parcel is a biography of Perneczky and a handwritten note to Gibbs inquiring about new publications.

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