The Enviromental Viewpoint.

Nubers 1-18 (all published) Jensen Pennfield, ed. San Francisco: Clear Creek Associates, 1971-72. 29 x 22 cm., in sheets till no 9, then stapled. On newsprint, b/w and colour added; in excellent condition.

EUR 2,800.00

A magazine for the ecology movement, very early statement of ecological consciousness, possibly the first magazine of it;s kind. With interesting design and artwork, the concept of the magazine intended to follow the idea Rolling Stone. A broad variety of articles and features on the subject. All these still highly actual in the present days. Contributions by Stewart Brand, Gary Snyder, Michael McClure, Charles Simic, Gino August Sky, Robert Redford, Pete Seeger, Orvelle Schell, John Brandi,articles on Paolo Soleri, Constantinos Doxiadis, Biodactics, Black Ecology, population control, cycling New York the Stockholm Conference, etc.

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