Nos. 1-10 (all publ.). New York, Nov. 1966 - April/May 1968. Original issues; folio; illustrated. First page of the first issue stained (2 coffee? stains, see illustration); no 10 has a marginal tear. Otherwise the set is in very good condition.

EUR 4,000.00

Edited by Benn Morea and Ron Hahne. One of the publications that formed the prelude to the 'World wide revolution of youth' and the student revolts, linked with the Situationist International in Paris, Heatwave in London, Provo in Amsterdam, Rebel Worker in Chicago. Contributions by L. Moholy-Nagy, Dennis Mora, Benn Morea ('Art and Revolution'), Ed Clark, a.o. Texts by André Breton, Bertrand Russell, H. Arp, Camus (interview), a.o. No. 10 incl. article 'Berlin Dada' by David & Stuart Wise

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