[ No. 1] GRABUGE SPECIAL Paris and London, no date, no publisher's name (1978), 44x31cm, 16 pages, printed in blue with cover in red and black. Good copy with some handling wear and light marginal damage; signed by "Mireille: in upper margin of front page. Directed by J.F.Charpin, A.B.McDowell, G-G.Lemaire, New York correspondent: WilliamBorroughs, war correspondent Valère Novarina.
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GRABUGE No. 2: A large slipcase 32x3,5cm, of brown corrugated boards, with serigraphy illustration on front and backside in blue,red and black; Signed and Handnumbered and stamped no 14/80 Containing: -2 sheets of mimeographed text by Jean-François Charpin, -a serigraphy 60x60 cm signed by Charpin and numbered 29/10 (red and blue) - an unsigned serigraphy 60x60 cm (blue) - a serigraphy 60x60 signed by E Gillan (with a closed tear of 8 cm). Red/blue/black. .

EUR 1,200.00

Editors: J-F. Charpin, A.B. McDowell, G-G. Lemaire. New York correspondent: William Borroughs, war correspondent Valère Novarina. Artist publication with contributions by Valère Novarina, René Crevel (photographic illustrations by Man Ray), Gérard-Georges Lemaire (Abécédaire d'une abstraction sur son declin) and an excerpt from an interview with William Burroughs. The middle spread double page holds the pictures of 'The Great Rock'n' Roll Swindle' (directed by Julian Temple and produced by Malcolm McLaren). Contributors: William Seward Burroughs, Michel Carassou, Jean-François Charpin (littérature).), Robert Cordier (traducteur).), René Crevel, David Dahlson, Gérard-Georges Lemaire, Valère Novarina, Terry Jones (on last page,Picture paper.) Illustrated by Arthur Aeschbacher Cavallini, Jean Clareboudt, Jean Degottex, Steven Devane, Christian Jaccard, Man Ray, Julian Temple, Ian Wright; Presentation of the book by Valère Novarina « L’homme au trou »; a text by’Henri Chopin concerning his periodical « OU », images/stills of Black Rainbow by Robert Cordier,; images from the movie « The great rock’n’roll swindle" by Julian Temple and Malcolm McLaren; "Abécédaire d’une abstraction sur son déclin : Jean Degottex and Christian Jaccard by G.G Lemaire; excerpt of an interview of W. Burroughs; René Crevel lÉloquence', ).

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