A collection of 36 Bazooka publications (including the 5 complete periodicals BULLETIN PÉRIODIQUE'' , "LES ANIMAUX MALADES', "MÉTAL HURLAND", "UN REGARD MOADERNE", "ORPHELINA'' ) and some separate publications by the Bazooka group, a collective of French graphic designers mainly active from 1974 to late 1978.
It included Christian Chapiron (using the pseudonym Kiki Picasso), Jean-Louis Dupré (Loulou Picasso), Olivia Clavel (Electric Clito), Lulu Larsen, Bernard Vidal (Bananar) and Jean Rouzaud. The group, with ultra-left sympathies, was formed in the aftermath of May 68 and presented comics, graphics and photographic creations of an aggressive and subversive nature. Their aim was to get out of the classical galleries network, at first through self publications, then reaching a wider public working on record covers, tv titles, daily press and magazines. Chapiron coined the term ‘Graphic Dictatorship’ to describe the spirit of their fierce drawings, collages and (mis)appropriation of images of various origins. Hired by the Parisian Libération to illustrate the journal, they created graphic anarchy (literally exploding the newspaper’s template amongst others). Serge July, director of Libération at the time wrote in his paper on August 12 1977 (pp. 12-13) ‘Bazooka fout la merde’, but gave them the opportunity to do an independent project as a supplement to the paper which became ‘Un Regard Moderne"
- Although some Bazooka publications were published in collaboration with existing journals the nature of their work remained provocative both in content and in its distinctive graphic style foreboding the nascent Punk movement. Bazooka’s first magazine ‘Bulletin Périodique’ was immediately forbidden to minors. The various publications in this lot are illustrated throughout with photographs, cartoons and comics and include numerous b/w and duotone plates. All text in French, except for the last issue of ‘Bulletin Périodique’ which also features English text. The publications are assembled in a unique hardcover binding, 44.5 x 32 cm, designed by Paul Groenendijk. The blue cloth cover has Bazooka printed on the front and features three foldable sections. The backcover and spine are executed in black cloth are black, with the spine featuring the title Bazooka printed in gold. The binding is designed in such a matter that the magazines can be completely opened up for viewing purposes. Binding and spine are in mint condition.
TOGETHER WITH: SILENCE No. 1 (seul paru) Paris, Futuropolis, 1980, 350x300mm, 28 p., broché sous couverture illustrée de Loulou Picasso,glassine originale. Interviews réalisées par Dorothée Lalanne de Iggy Pop, Howard Devoto, John McKay, Human League. Sept compositions pleine page en noir et blanc par Loulou Picasso du groupe Bazooka.
TOGETHER with: Bazooka. Il était une fois. Exposition “Bazooka, Un Regard moderne”, Les Sables-d’Olonne, Musée de l’Abbaye Sainte-Croix, 2 avril-12 juin 2005. Les Sables-d’Olonne, Le MASC, 2005. EXHIBITION CATALOG. 33,5X48,5 cm, 8 pagesincl. Covers. One of an edition of 200. IN THIS COPY CONTRIBUTIONS SIGNED BY THE AUTHORS/ARTISTS (except T5DUR) 6 prints by Lulu Larsen, T5Dur, Kiki Picasso, Loulou Picasso, Olivia Clavel, Bernard Vidal, printed in b/w on luxurious thick paper. Works of Bazooka, Olivia Clavel, Loulou Picasso, Kiki Picasso, T5Dur, Bernard Vidal. With a copy of the invite to the exhibition.
TOGETHER WITH: PERVERS No 1, all published. Paris, Bazooka Production, 1979, 58x29 cm, sheet, folded to 8pp, equal to the size of a gramophone record, 29x29 cm. Together with the actual gramophone record, « La Perversita », Invisible Records, 1979, in the original decorated sleeve, designed by Kiki Picasso. Text and designs by Loulou Picasso (Jean-Louis Dupré), Olivia Clavel, T5, Larsen. This is actually the last Bazooka Production « mort » in 1980.

EUR 7,500.00

Bazooka publications included are:
- Un regard moderne no. 1-5, supplements to Libération journal, Paris (1978).
No. 1 March 1978, 42.5 x 31 cm, 32 pp. Printed b/w and pink. Moderate tear (1.5 cm) on top margin through the first 14 pages, and right margin last 14 pages (1 cm and smaller).
No. 2 April 1978, 42.5 x 31 cm, 32 pp. Printed b/w and green. Usual toning else very good copy.
No. 3 May 1978, 40 x 29 cm, 32 pp. Printed b/w and blue. Some small rips along the right and lower margins.
No. 4 June 1978, 40 x 29 cm, 32 pp. Printed b/w. Tear of 1.5 cm along the top margin, mainly on the first 12 pages. Folding line in center.
No. 5 July 1978, 40 x 29 cm, 32 pp. Printed b/w and yellow. Cover page toned along (moderate) fold, tear of approx. 7 cm at right margin. Tear of 2.5 cm on upper margin through the first 6 pages and the last 8 pages.
- Bazooka inserts from ‘Métal Hurlant’ magazine (late seventies)
1. La Querre Coloniaclavel avec Télétony swing. 27 x 20 cm, 6 pp. Colour printed comic strips numbered in pencil 1-6 (original numbering pp. 41-46). Fragile paper with holes in lower left corner.
2. Diablotine porcine. 27 x 20 cm, 8 pp. Colour printed, in good condition.
3. Bazooka Production presente Pelicula en color! 27 x 21 cm, 8 pp. Colour printed. Mint copy.
4. Livres bêtes et méchants, album Charlie. 27 x 20 cm, 8 pp. Colour printed.
VG - Les animaux malades no. 1 – 5 / 7 – 14 (1977) 13 issues, each 43 x 29 cm, printed double sided in b/w. With 2 extra sheets which probably belong to issue 13 and 14. All sheets in fine condition. Extra sheet with No.14 has some spotting.
- Bulletin périodique no. 1-7 (1976-1978) All 43.5 x 31.5 cm, text in French.
No. 1, 12 pp. Printed b/w and pink. Formerly folded version, some soiling on folds else good.
No. 2, 12 pp. Printed b/w and green. Formerly folded version, some toning on folds else very good.
No. 3, 12 pp. Printed b/w and multi colours. Moderate soiling along fold and backcover.
No. 4, 16 pp. Printed b/w and multi colours. Light soiling on backcover.
No. 5-6 1977, 20 pp. Printed b/w and multi colours. Very good copy.
No. 7 1978, 4 pp. Printed b/w and multi colours. English and French text. Very good.
- Orphelina Orphanage Graphique no. 1-4 (1978) All 43.5 x 31 cm, text in French. All in very good condition.
No. 1, 2 pp. Printed b/w. No. 2, 2 pp. Printed b/w and colour. No. 3, 10 pp. Printed b/w and colour. No. 4, 10 pp. Printed b/w and colour.

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