Revista objeto

Nos 1-4, 1982-1983 (of 7 publshed). Artists’ multiple/periodica (Revista objecto) l in octagonal shaped cardboard boxes, 20 x 20 cm, with colour printed title label on top lid. Includes loose sheets, poem objects and collages of various materials made to fit the box by various contributors. Produced in an edition of 400. The magazine existed from 1982-1985, 7 issues were released in total. Edited by the Cattelan artist’ collective of poets, painters and sculptors Lola Albarracín, J.M.Calleja, Jordi Cuyàs and Jaume Simon. Apparantly each issue was released on a special (public) location and distributed for free. Minimal denting on the box of No.3, moderate browning on tops of No.2 and No.4. Overall the multiples are in very good condition.

EUR 2,000.00


CAPS.A. 1 (Presentacio), numbered edition 306/400. Contributors: Lola Albarracín, J.M.Calleja, Jordi Cuyàs and Jaume Simon. Copy 306/400. Presented on April 24 1982 at the Municipal Museum of Mataró by Josep Maria Rovira Brull.

CAPS.A. 2 (Trencaclosques), numbered edition 175/400. Contributors Lola Albarracín, J.M.Calleja, Jordi Cuyàs i Jaume Simon. Presented on June 26 1982 at the Plaza Mayor de Vic and on July 24 1982 at Plaza Santa Anna de Mataró.

CAPS.A. 3 (Reflexos), numbered edition 037/400. Participants Benítez, J.M.Calleja, Jordi Cuyàs i Jaume Simon.Presented on November 19 1982 at the Reading Center of Reus by Pere Anguera.
CAPS.A. 4 (Zas), numbered edition 210/440. This multiple does not feature a cardboard box like the former issues, but as a leporello in the same octagonal shape, held together by a pink ribbon. It folds out to 200 cm. Participants: M. dels Àngels Ballbé, Benítez, Pere Boix, Genís Cano, Jordi Catafal, Eduard Comabella, Joan FontRegàs, Nefer, Tonia Passola, Martí Peran, Feliu Plasencia, Ernest Puig, JASarmiento, Pep Segon, Poetic Text Group and Gustavo Vega. Presented on April 22 1983 at Can Xammar, Mataró.

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