Nos. 1-9 (all published). Paris, oct. 1976-déc. 1977. Unbound, in orig. Wrappers as issued, (except for no 8, which is incomplete as we only have the covers and the first half of the interior pages)

EUR 1,300.00

Provocative and explicit magazine, edited and with contributions by almost exclusively female journalists and illustrators. Ed.: Janic Guillerez.Though the magazine was the brainchild of a man, Humanoïdes founder and co-publisher Jean-Pierre Dionnet, it lived up to its slogan "fait par et pour les femmes" ("made by and for women"). It fully embraced both the culture of the French feminist movement and the American underground scene.
At the time, French feminism was starting to use the media to both shock and satirize contemporary society, and French comics (bande dessinée or BD) were reaching maturity and attracting more adult audiences. Ah ! Nana entered the scene at a perfect time for such material.
In addition to comics, it carried a feature called "Histoire de la BD féminine", which profiled female cartoonists from all over the world. Its text features covered other female-centric media, including books, television, film, and music. It also did not hesistate to address the pressing social and political issues of the day. From issue 3 on, each issue revolved around a particular, often provocative, theme (for example, issue 3 itself billed itself as about "Naziism Today", though it dealt more broadly with contemporary racism and anti-Semitism).
Issues With strips, photo-novels and cartoons and with contribs. on feminism, politics, film, music, theatre. Illustrated front- and back wrappers. Contributions by Marj Marlowe, Arlette Stroumza, Paula Jacques, Marjorie Alessandrini, Agnes Varda, Wanda Makowski. Ills.: Nicole Claveloux, Chantal Montellier, Irina, Lili White Cat, Liz Bijl, a.o.
With thematic issue Les Homanoides Associés.Le sexe et les petites filles,NéNé, Danger:Nazisme;Dossier de la Modes Démodée. Dossie Hommes, La France cruelle,Spécial Sado-Maso, Homosexualité / Transsexualité, L'Inceste.

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