Périodique trimestriel (Revue sous Bandelettes).

Numéros 1-35. Bruxelles,1968-1985. A significant collection of 30 numbers between Nos 1 and 35 , in 25 volumes, plus special issues of Nr. 5 and Nr.11 with original contributions/dedications. Various formats, printed in b/w and colour, richly illustrated. The following numbers are included: No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 plus 5 special, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, plus supplement 11 (2x), 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17/18 ,19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 29/30, 31/32, 35. PLUS some unique additions, see detail.

EUR 6,500.00

Artist periodical founded by André Morlain, directed by José Goemaere (Lot/Brabant, Belgique), with André Vandegeerde, Marie-Claire Gouat, Robert Kayser, Jean-Claude Moineau, André Morlain, contributions by Charles Autrand, Jean-François Bory, G.Bertini (several contributions, of which 1 coloured) BEN (original signature),
- Nr. 1. Bruxelles: self published, n.d. Small quarto, 34 pages, illustrated throughout. Wrappers illustrated by Gilbert Herreyns.
- Nr 2, février 1969 [36 p.] André Morlain, Bonne bible ! / Lieux communs / Comptine à rebours / Interview, poème / Le Rêve passe..., Robert Kayser, Homme-femme, André Miguel, S en ciel, poème, Marie-Claire Gouat, Odabul, José Goemaere, Pour une exposition, Jean-Pierre Verheggen, Inédit, Robert Kayser, Questionnaire, Jean L’Anselme.
- Nr.3 Mai 1969 36 pp/ « Jean L’Anselme » André Miguel, Jean-Pierre Verheggen, Jean L’Anselme, … Ill. : Marie-Claire Gouat, Gilbert Herreyns, Robert Kayser, André Morlain.
- Nr. 4. AMemNOnPHIS fait une place aux Soleils. Bruxelles: self published, octobre 1969. Square quarto, 42 pages. illustrated throughout. Front cover by Jose Goemaere.
- Nr. 5. Aménophis pour voir LEU mONdd à travers lev MONDD. Bruxelles: self published, janvier 1970. Square quarto, 44 pages, illustrated throughout + inserted photogravure by Francois Massal. Front cover by Robert Kayser. The sheet covering the image in place. The first part of the pages (c.20) have come loose from the spine.Back cover shows some soiling.
- Special: Nr. 5. Aménophis pour voir LEU mONdd à travers leMONDD. Another copy of issue 5 with only 22 pages loosely inserted in the original covers. The pages seem to be proof prints for issue 5. The cover of this issue with original (different) handwriting by the contributors being a presentation copy for Francois Di Dio: ‘Cet Exemplaire est une incarnation de L”ERREUR nous le DIDIONS a Francois du soleil NOIR. Art pour Art Pur. Notre pharaons reincarne sous l’angle (Noir)’
- Nr. 6. Mai 70. AMEnauFILS. Bruxelles/Paris: Amenophis/Charles Autrand, 1970. Square quarto, 38 pages, illustrated throughout, with original hand colored collage. Illustrated wrappers by Marie Claire Gouat.
- Nr. 7. Bruxelles/Paris: Amenophis/ Charles Autrand, Jean-Francois Bory, Aout 1970. Illustrated portfolio illustrated by Robert Kayzer, containing 2 folded posters. Poster 1: ‘La Cocote des Arts’ (68 x 54 cm unfolded, printed in red) by Marie-Claire Gouat, Robert Kayzer, Nicolas Poster 2 (61 x 53 cm unfolded, printed in blue) ‘Trop Milles millions de milliards de trop pas de vis universel trop simple trop de O zeros” Texte Morlain Graph Kayzer.
- Nr. 8. Poster. J.F.Bory; printed black on white paper, 56,5 x 45,5 cm, folded 3 times [septembre 1970), small staple holes. Mailed copy, poststamped and addressed to Gianni Bertini on verso.
- Nr. 9. Bruxelles : Amenophis, octobre 1970. With handcoloured an signed contribution by Bertini, who also designed the cover. Square quarto, un paginated, 44 pages of which two fold-outs. Contributions by Thierry Agullo, Charles Autrant, Gianni Bertini, Etienne Bertozzi, Daniel Biga, Robert Kayzer, Dr Leon, Werner Lambersy, André Miguel, Cécile Miguel, Norge, Clemente Padin, Michele Perfetti, Jean-Marie Le Sidaner, Christian Tobas, Jean-François Bory, Jochen Gerz, Roland Flexner, Marie-Claire Gouat, Jean-Claude Moineau, André Morlain, Jean-Pierre Verheggen, Chimele Vernon, Nicolas & Inconnu. Copy with some wear on extremities, else fine.
- Nr. 10. Poster. Littérature Policière, Série Noire. J.C.Moineau; adressed and mailed to Tjeerd Deelstra. 10 décembre 1970. With two staple-holes; this has possibly been originally stapled to another piece.
- Nr. 11. 2 Posters, Azerty, mars 1971 & C'Est une histoire..,Ivan Alechin. Together with: Supplément au n° 11 including Ben signature. Rotterdam: Kunstcentrum ‘t Venster, September 1970. Bruxelles / Paris / Milano: Amenophis / Charles Autrand/ Jean Michel, 1970. Square quarto, 14 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. . Published on the occasion of an art manifestation held in ‘t Venster (Rotterdam), from September 5 25, 1970. Cover and original signature on loose inserted page by Ben Vautier.
- Nr. 12. Made in Italy, 1971. Bruxelles: Amenophis, 1971. Yellow printed envelope containing 12 mimeographed contributions printed on different colored stock. Contributions by Salvatore Passarella, Sergio Dangelo, Nicolas, Besozzi and Emilio Cremonesi a.o. Original sending envelope with wear and tear, addressed to Gianni Bertini, with stamp of Andre Vandegeerde on verso.
- Nr. 13. Decmbre 1971. One sheet, 61x43 cm., folded to 22x15,5 cm., b/w. With loose inserted sheet Verticalement and 2 Amenophis cards. Nr. 13. Decmbre 1971. Together with supplement: a brown envelope "Cette enveloppe contient des graines d;Utopie"; adressed to Gianni Berrtini.
- Nr. 14. Mars 1973. Bruxelles/ Paris: Amenophis, 1973. Tall quarto, un paginated, (42 pages), illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. (portrait d’apres nature d’un enzyme glouton). Wrappers lightly foxed towards edges.
- Nr. 15. Bruxelles: Amenophis, fevrier 76. Quarto, 44 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers by Eliane Maurissen.
- Nr. 16. si ce héros ne vous plait pas Amenohis peut vous en offrir un autre. Bruxelles: Amenophis, decembre 76. Quarto, 60 pages (+ a 28 pages insert by Justine Envermer), illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers by R. Kayser. Fine copy.
- Nrs. 17-18. Special Nourriture. Bruxelles: Amenophis, Mars 1979. Quarto, 96 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers (le saucisson utilize en couverture a ete grassement prete pa la firme Van den Bouf). All pages loose in binding.
- Nrs. 19. Le Pied. Bruxelles: Amenophis, novembre/ decembre, 1980. Quarto, 60 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. Plus supplement poster J.C. Moineau Espace Vital, 46 x 32 cm, folded twice, stamped on verso.
- Nr. 20. Autopsy I. Bruxelles: Amenophis, Juillet / Aout-Septembre, 1980. Quarto, 48 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers.
- Nr. 21. Autopsy II. Bruxelles: Amenophis, Juillet, 1980. Quarto, 66 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. This issue with an original signed and numbered (77/100) lithograph by Pierre Pourbaix.
- Nr. 25. On lui a tout pris et elle ne se révolte pas. Bruxelles: Amenophis, Juin, 1983. Quarto, 58 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. Wrappers by Roland Topor. Wear on spine, second half of this volume damped and some waving pages toward the end.
- Nr. 26. Le hareng mystique. Bruxelles: Amenophis, novembre, 1983. Small quarto, 84 pages, Illustrated throughout + one original 'montagemanuel d'une bande magnetique' by Jean Francois Lacroix. Illustrated wrappers.
- Nrs. 29-30. Le Trou. Bruxelles: Aménophis, mars - juin, 1985. Folio, 80 pages, illustrated throughout, Illustrated wrappers.Some wear on spine.
- Nrs. 31-32. La dérive des continents. Bruxelles: Aménophis, 1985. Folio, 80 pages, illustrated throughout, Illustrated wrappers. Contributions by Arbizzani, Barzin, Bertola, Bragard, Burgaud, Chaty, Colaux, Collignon, Colot, Compere, Criel, Darbellay, De Taeye, Devil, Gasmi, Gouat, Joos, Kayser, Lefevre, Mastin, Mawet, Morlain, Nupi, Orester, Petchanatz, M&G Piqueray, Pochet, Puttemans, Reszohazy, Tania, Trentini, Vancluysen and Vinche. Added: Supplement A (no date) Poster "Project for the World" No 5. Tobas.
- Nr. 35 Les Septante loques a reloqueter, 1988. 29.5 x 21 cm, 84 pp. Xeroxed booklet with transparent plastic cover sheet, red, yellow and black string with red laquered stamp wrapped around the spine. Introduction text by Marie Claire Gouat, cover by Colot Van Nypelseer. Special issue celebrating 20 years of Amenophis. Inserted is an invitation card for an exhibition Amenophis Fete un Anniversaire at Au Botanique, Brussels 17 Jan 1989. A more detailed list with the contributors to the individual issues on request.
- André Morlain, Amenoffice boxes, 1969-70. Three styrofoam icecream boxes filled with various objects, 20 x 11 x 7 cm, named Amenoffice 1, 2 and 3. All signed by André Morlain, founder of the Belgian artist periodical Amenophis published in Bruxelles/Paris between 1968 and 1985. The title of the work seems to suggest these were objects assembled at the magazine's headquarters. Box 1 contains an empty packet of Gauloise cigarettes and a flyer for an exhibition on Small Press publishers at 't Venster in Rotterdam in 1970 (Amenophis was amongst the participants). Box 2 features screws, plastic lids and cigarette ash. Box 3 is penetrated by several screws. Boxes show traces of use, very rare item.
- An invitation from Galerie 't Venster Rotterdam and the original illustrated mailing envelope. Invitation flyer 44 x 12 cm, exhibition 5-25 Sept 1970 featuring a participatory presentation of small publishers such as Techne, Ne Coupez Pas, Amenophis, Creaction, Agentzia.
- Poster supplement to No. 10: Jochen GERZ: Cinq Doigts font und Poing, 63 x 43 cm, printed black on yellow paper, folded 21.5 x 14.5 cm, with small staple holes.
- Original contribution to the manifestation 't Venster by Godehard Schramm. Mimeographed stapled booklet, A4, 8 pp.

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