Revista de Poemas de Processo.

Complete Set, 1967 Numbers 1 and 2 of the Brazilian journal’ Ponto’, edited by Wlademir Dias-Pino. It introduced the visual and concrete poetry movement ‘Poem/Processo (Poem/Process), active from 1967-1972. Both journals are composed of loose leaf sheets with contributions by key figures in Brazilian artistic and poetic avant-garde, including Álvaro and Neide de Sá, Anchieta Fernandes, Moacy Cirne, Dailor Varela, Wlademir Dias-Pino, Jose Luiz Sera, and many others. Condition: Generally very good. No. 1: Spine creased, shelf wear and small tears on sleeve (2 cm on top, 1 cm on bottom along spine). Moderate discoloration of front cover, sheets and brochures with slight toning to edges, otherwise in near fine condition. No. 2: Loose sheets, printed on various stock, kept in original illustrated wrappers (overlays and sides a bit damaged, but front- and back-cover fine)

EUR 3,500.00

Ponto 1, Revista de Poemas de Processo. Rio de Janeiro, Ponto, not dated (1967). First edition. Softcover, 22.5 × 16.5 cm. Red printed sleeve containing nine loose and unbound booklets printed in b/w throughout. The works, which were highly critical of the military dictatorship, were produced underground at Rua Almirante Alexandrino in Santa Teresa (Rio de Janerio). Texts in Portuguese.
Featuring contributions by eleven artists: Wladimir Dias-Pino, Alvaro de Sá, Moacy Cirne, Neide Dias de Sá, Anselmo Santos, George Smith, Ariel Tacla, José Serafini, Nei Leandro de Castro, Dailos Varela and Anchieta Fernandes.
Contents of the 9 booklets:
1. Wlademir Dias-Pino, 16 pp.
2. Alvaro de Sá, 8 pp. Collages tempo de poema 1967 and 3 poems. First page with dog ear at lower corner.
3. Rio Grande de S.A. Moacy Cirne, Anchieta Fernandes, Dailor Varela and Leandro de Castro, 8 pp. Slight abrasions to extremities of top sheet.
4. Neide Dias de Sá, 12 pp.
5. Anselmo Santos, folded sheet, 4 pp.
6. George Smith, folded sheet 4 pp.
7. Ariel Tacla, folded sheet 4 pp.
8. José Serafini, folded sheet 4 pp.
9. Alvaro de Sá and Moacy Cirne, folded sheet 4 pp.
Ponto 2:
27 loose sheets + 8 smaller ones + 1 envelope and a folded concrete poem by Neid,1967.; contribs. incl.: José Alcides Pinto, Neide Sá, Gutierrez, Joaquim Branco, Clado, Serafini; texts 'Poesia Matematica' (by Ariel Tacla), 'Por que méo da Vanguardia?' (by A. de Sà).

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