a new mail-art magazine

Care, rare mail art assembling magazine, set of 6 issues - The first 3 issues were produced by Bart Boumans and his students at the Enschede Art Academy (NL) in 1982, featuring contributions from international mail artists and students. - There after Care was produced by individual artists, various proposals circulated but it is not certain what actually appeared.
Collection contains the initial issues 1,2 and 3. Added is the rare Extra issue published in a small edition of 14 from the late contributions for the first 3 issues. Additional Care issues in the lot are No.6 and No.10.

EUR 1,500.00

(1) Care 1, March 1982. Faux wood portfolio, with loose inserted artists’ contributions. Numbered copy 66/75. In original sending envelope.
(2) Care 2. Printed transparent plastic sleeve containing loose sheets. Numbered 70/75 on the original rubberstamped envelope.
(3) Care 3, October 1982. Profusely decorated ribbed cardboard envelope closed with plastic clips (one broken), with loose and bulgy contributions.
(4) Care Extra, Dec 1982. One of an edition of 14 distributed among collaborators. Assembled by Rein Jelle Terpstra.
(5) Care 6, 1983. Edited by Sonja van der Burg, Arnhem. Collaged envelope with loose inserts.
(6) Care 10, 1985. Edited by J.P. Jacobs, New York. Blue folder with loose inlays.
(7) 12 documents regarding Care, including content sheets and posters for issues 1 and 3. More information on Care contributors on request. See also ‘Geza Perneczky Assembling Magazines 1969-2000’ p. 74-75. (total 18)

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