Groupe et revue fondés en 1930 à Paris.

Première année: Numéro d’introduction du groupe et de la revue Art Concret, avril 1930. Paris, gérant : Jean Hélion.
Original wrappers, spine stapled (staple oxidized), 16 pp with an illustrated unfolding insert of 13 x 52 cm, folded twice to 13,5x13,4 cm, stapled in the middle; . 8vo, 8,5X 14 cm. Printed on art paper in black, with some illustrations. In very nice codition, the folding insert fine; fron and back wrapper prinbted in blue and black on offwhite stronger coated paper , very lightly shaven.

EUR 3,800.00

The only number published of this rare journal founded and edited by Otto Gustav Carlsund, Theo van Doesburg, Jean Hélion, Léon Tutundjian and Marcel Wantz. Texts by Jean Hélion and Theo van Doesburg. Cover designed by Theo van Doesburg. Art Concret was a single-issue French-language art magazine.. It was the vehicle for a group of abstract artists who wished to differentiate themselves from others gathered around the magazine Cercle et Carré. Eventually most in both groups fused in the wider association of non-figurative artists, Abstraction-Création. Articles in Art Concret championed strictly geometrical art, free of personal interpretation and based on mathematics. It also ridiculed the sloppy and imprecise vocabulary of contemporary art criticism. The concept of Concrete Art championed by the magazine was thereafter taken up by other artists and became influential internationally.

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