Nr. 1-7 und 1 Sondernummer (all publ.). Illustrated orig.wrappers, bound with a cord in the spine, with numerous (partly signed) illustrations. Stuttgart, AIVerlag, 1986-1991. 29,5 x 21 cm.

EUR 700.00

Periodical entirely related to the Rusian poet Velimir Chlebnikow. Edited by Wil Frenken, Peter Stobbe, a.o. All signed illustrations double sized and bound in the middlespread. In the first issue a handcoloured work by Günter Guben (Nr.67/80)with contribs by Werner Bonin, Peter Stobbe, Jürgen O. Olbrich und albrecht/d.– No. 2 one of 119 copies,with a signed Original scissor-cut by Susanne Frenken. Contribs by Jürgen Elsässer, Günter Guben und Werner F. Bonin. – No. 3 one of 158 copies, with a signed “Original-Tiegelhanddruckwith (montierter Plastik-) Collage” byHeinz E. Hirscher. Dietrich Fricker, albrecht/d. and Kenneth Patchen. No. 4 one of 197 copies with signed Contrib (Programm reflection press) by albrecht/d, signed“A/d. Other contrbs by Susanne Frenken (signiert), Hans Brög, Andrea Zaumseil, Carl Camu, Veit Heinichen. No. 5 one of 200 copies,with a signed contrib (“Guten Tag Herr Malewitsch”) by Richard Müller. No. 6, one of 203 copies, with a work (“Lozère”, Collagenkopie) by Walter Zimbrich. No. 7, one of 206 copies, with a signed work by Klaus Münchschwander. With: Special issue from ORTE: Schweizer Literatuzeitschrift”. Heft 66. Zürich, Bucker, 1989. Added: a signed and numbered Original Graphic by Wil Frenken, “Homage an Malevich”, Exemplar 16/35. 30 x 42,5 cm. folded once, screen printed with white on a black sheet of card. Added: 5 promo cards and a flyer, for the journal,period ca. 1987-1991. A bibliographical promo-leaflet. A wonderful set, in fine condition, from Archiv Christoph Klinke.

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