Nr. 1-7 und 1 Sondernummer (all publ.). Illustrated orig.wrappers, bound with a cord in the spine, with numerous (partly signed) illustrations. Stuttgart, AIVerlag, 1986-1991. 29,5 x 21 cm.
Periodical entirely related to the Rusian poet Velimir Chlebnikow. Edited by Wil Frenken, Peter Stobbe, a.o. All signed illustrations double sized and bound in the middlespread. In the first issue a handcoloured work by Günter Guben (Nr.67/80)with contribs by Werner Bonin, Peter Stobbe, Jürgen O. Olbrich und albrecht/d.– No. 2 one of 119 copies,with a signed Original scissor-cut by Susanne Frenken. Contribs by Jürgen Elsässer, Günter Guben und Werner F. Bonin. – No. 3 one of 158 copies, with a signed “Original-Tiegelhanddruckwith (montierter Plastik-) Collage” byHeinz E. Hirscher. Dietrich Fricker, albrecht/d. and Kenneth Patchen. No. 4 one of 197 copies with signed Contrib (Programm reflection press) by albrecht/d, signed“A/d. Other contrbs by Susanne Frenken (signiert), Hans Brög, Andrea Zaumseil, Carl Camu, Veit Heinichen. No. 5 one of 200 copies,with a signed contrib (“Guten Tag Herr Malewitsch”) by Richard Müller. No. 6, one of 203 copies, with a work (“Lozère”, Collagenkopie) by Walter Zimbrich. No. 7, one of 206 copies, with a signed work by Klaus Münchschwander. With: Special issue from ORTE: Schweizer Literatuzeitschrift”. Heft 66. Zürich, Bucker, 1989. Added: a signed and numbered Original Graphic by Wil Frenken, “Homage an Malevich”, Exemplar 16/35. 30 x 42,5 cm. folded once, screen printed with white on a black sheet of card. Added: 5 promo cards and a flyer, for the journal,period ca. 1987-1991. A bibliographical promo-leaflet. A wonderful set, in fine condition, from Archiv Christoph Klinke.

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