Revue mensuelle de littérature.

Tome 1-6 + Nouvelle série No. 1 (all publ.). Bruges, Bruxelles, juin 1905-janvier 1908. Bound in 6 vols., contemp. h. cloth over marbled boards (retaining ab. half of the original wrappers, which are all identical ); untrimmed. Nice set.

EUR 400.00

Founded by Henri Vandeputte and Christian Beck, containing firstprints by Joseph Bossi, Emile Verhaeren, Maurice Maeterlinck, Lucien-Jean, Fabrice, Isi Collin, Arthur Toiseul, Colette Willy, Francis Jammes, Ctesse. de Noailles, Henri de Régnier, Ch. Vanlerberghe, Francis Carco, Aubrey Beardsley, Louis Thomas, Stuart Merrill, and many others. After January 1908 elements of this periodical were taken on by 'Phalange', published in Paris. (Les Lettres Belges, No. 114).