(Tristan Sauvage, Nuclear Art,1962).

Milan, Galleria Schwarz, n.d. (1962). 2 volumes, of which the first is a portfolio containing 30 original documents, original artwork (lithographs) and periodical (il Gesto) of the Arte Nucleare Movement, and the second the edition of 'Tristan Sauvage.-Nuclear Art. N.Y., Maestro, 1962. L.4to., 242 pp., cloth, with original jacket.,together kept in black cardboard slipcase (slipcase a bit soiled, but internally fine). No. 52 of a limited edition of 190 copies.

EUR 5,000.00

An archive of the original documents of the movement, Arte Nucleare, published by Gallery Schwartz (with small numbering stamp on the right top corner of each item, which refer to the index). Contained are: IL GESTO. Rassegna Internazionale delle Forme Libere. Nos. 1-4 (all publ.). Milano, 1955-1959. Folio, original pictorial wrappers (original lithographs by Colombo, Fontana, Pomodoro, contribs. By G. Bertini a.o. )., and 26 other original documents, manifests, exhibition catalogues: i.a.: Manifeste de la peinture nucléaire (1952), the First Exhibition of the Movimento Nucleare Milano 1952, "Esposizione Asger Jorn (with original lithograph by Jorn), Galleria Lásteriscio, Roma, 1954", Lithograph by Joe Colombo, Exposizione AKT, Esposizione Il Gesto, Contro Lo Stile, Enrico Baj,1959, Interplanetary Art, Sergio Dangelo, Milano 1961 (with signed original engraving, no. 53 of 200). Further detail on request.

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