Ergual pir oorlogosin biriburt.

Paris, July 15, 1932., 4 pages, folio; unbound as issued (lightly foxed, light traces of folding and small closed marginal tear)
Concerned with language innovation, edited by Eugene Jolas, with Vincent Huidobro, Hans Arp, Georges Peterson (who was the director). Very rare periodical, inspired by 'Vertigralism', the movement that Jolas had developed in Transition. "Vertigralism adopted the irrational aspects of Surrealism, but did not care to accept the idea of automatic writing or the surrealist Communist political bias (...) and wished to stress language innovation, never a primary concern of Surrealism." (Hofman,Allen & Ulrich, The Little Magazine). Texts and poems in German, French and English from Jolas, Huidobro, Gabrielle Buffet, Hans Arp, Georges Peterson, Léon-Paul Fargue. (Not in Vasseur, Admussen and the Cat.Collectif de la BN).