The Magazine of Gourmet Bathing and Beyond.

Vol. 1 (no 5) - Vol. 6 (no 4, last published). (also numbered as Nos. 5-34, and no more published after that). Venice, Cal., Feb./March 1977 - Nov./Dec. 1981. 4to (enlarging to folio from nos. 16-25), unbound, in the original pictorial wrappers, numerous illustrations and photographs.

EUR 4,500.00

A rare set of 29 issues (only no 17 is lacking) of this amazing California lifestyle magazine. Edited by Leonard Koren, the central topic was WATER and the art and delights of bathing: amazing colourful covers, abundant photographic illustrations and numerous advertisements made of this periodical a unique trendy/glossy/erotic publication: "Gourmet Bathing is a means for enjoying the world...It's a parody of all other enthusiasms...Then again, Gourmet Bathing is the willingness to be silly." (Charlie Haas). Always around the central topic 'gourmet bathing' the content is of a highly varied nature, with features and contributions on and by: Mud Mama. Interview with Rabyn Blake; Athena Tacha (The process of Aging & several other contribs.); Jack Nicholson; Ed Ruscha;Jane Gaskill (Bathroom Bondage); Bob & Bob; Henry Miller (On turning eighty); Priscilala Presley; Mick Jagger;Anthony Friedkin; Brian Hagiwara; Cheryl Lester; Linda Burnham; Timothy Leary; Candice Berger; Leonard Cohen; Iggy Pop; William Burroughs; Captain Beefheart; Brian Eno; Dennis Cooper (John Kennedy jr. Poems); David Hockney; Elvis Costello, etc.etc.; fine set of this highly desirable magazine, of which without doubt not many survived.

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