Onafhankelijk weekblad voor politiek en cultuur, met Zondag-Magazine.

Year 1 (cplt., 52 nos.); Year 2 nos. 1-17 (=all and last publ.) together with Christmas-issue. Brussel, Manteau, 24 Dec. 1944 - 28 April 1946. Original issues, unbd.; folio; with illustrations. Added: folding illustrated Calendar-sheet for 1945.
Complete set of the principal literary-political weekly in Flanders after the war. Contributors include Louis-Paul Boon, Toussaint van Boelaere, Raymond Brulez, P. Van Aken, R. Herreman, H. Lampo, K. Jonckheere, G. De Muynck, Johan Daisne, S. Vestdijk, G. Walschap, etc.; apart from the literary importance this weekly offers a good survey of art, culture and political life after the war General editor was Paul-Gustave van Hecke)