Semanario de Humor del Diario 'Espana' (Tanger).

Nos. 1-128 (=last publ.?). Tanger, Madrid, 13 Oct. 1955 - 26 March 1958. 4to; original issues, unbd.

EUR 800.00

Spanish satirical & humorous weekly, directed by Mingote, lacking 5 issues, which probably were confiscated (i.e. nos. 106, 109, 110, 112, 115). Issues of 32-36 pp., with cartoons satire and photographs. Front & back pages in colour. Contribs. by Tono, Neville, Mingote, Goni, Laborde, J. Llopis, Nacher, A. Paso, Escobar, Clarimon, J. Arminan, Perez Creus, Prego, Gloria van Aerssen, Penarroya, Maolo F. Sanz, Ballesta, Laguilat, Sesma, Racaj, Julio CeBriam, Puig Rosato, a.o.