Tidskrift för konst mot atombomber, pavar och politiker.

No. 1, No. 2/3, No. 4/5, 6/7/8., 9/10/11 ( all pubklished). Oerkeljunga (Sweden), Drakabygget (Denmark), n.d. (ca. 1961-1964 and 16/3/198, 1983/84.). Original pictorial wrappers, numerous illustrations.
Together with 4 related publications published by Bauhaus Situationniste Dragabygget, detailed below.

EUR 1,700.00

Complete set with additions of the periodical of the Situationists in Sweden and Denmark from the Commune 'Bauhaus Situationiste, Drakabygget', directed by Katarina Lindell, ed. by Jörgen Nash & Jens Jörgen Thorsen. With contribs. by A. Jorn, S. Larsson, H. Strid, M. Bernstein, S.K. Langer, A. Elde, W. Haftman, J. Nash, H. Miller, J. de Jong, a.o.; covers illustrated by
Heerup & Strid. Numerous photographs, photo-montages, line-ills.; number 1 complete with the insert 'Nicht Hinauslehnen ! Ne pas se pencher au d hors ! Danger! Do not lean out !' - this infamous flyer, dated 13 February 1962, which protested against the expulsion of Debord from SPUR. And marks the start of the 'Situationist Internatiole'. ... Added are: Gordon Fazakerley - Drawings, Poems. Foreword by J.Nash. Drakabygget, 1962 - Det naturlige smil af Joergen Nash. Digte & decollager 1960-1964. Drakabygget, 1965. - Det Situatonella. En utstaellning om den funktionella fantasin pa gallero Maxim, Stockholm 11-28 mars 1965. Bjoern Rosendahl, Joergen Nash. - 1957-1970 Situationister. Red.: Ambrosius Fjord, Patric O'Brien. Editions Bauhaus Situationiste. Pocket edition, 900 copies. Publ. 1971.

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