Nos. 1-216 (vol. 1-9). Bay Area, August 13, 1965 - Oct. 3/9, 1969. Tabloïd size, newsprint, unbound; illustrated.
Large collection comprising as many as 210 issues,starting right from the beginning (only 6 issues are lacking:. 4, 9, 20-21, 80 & 163). One of the foremost underground papers in the USA, founded by Max Scherr. It spawned hundreds of imitators around the country during the '60s when the underground press was the voice of the counterculture. In 1969, the staff went on strike against Scherr, and they started another paper, the 'Berkeley Tribe', an even more radical paper. This set is in very good condition and all issues intact and complete, except for merely one clipping in no 103. A collection as extensive as this one is now hardly ever offered.

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