Nos. 1-7 (all publ.). Calaone-Baone, Verona, 1977-1979. Original illustrated wrappers; 4to.
Directed by Paul de Vree and Sarenco. The first vol. counts 264 pp., later issues 16 pp. each; cover-design by Sarenco. With numerous examples of experimental poetry by Sarenco, Arias-Misson, Paul de Vree, Takahashi Shohachiro, Michele Perfetti, Higgins, Hampl, Trinkewitz, Aubertin, Castagna, Hilgemann, Joseph Beuys, Miccini, Franco Verdi, a.o. The first issue contains o.a. correspondance between Paul de Vree and Raoul Hausmann and articles by Alain Arias-Misson (o.a. on generative grammar-poem, public poem, poesia visiva).