Periodiek verschijnend Orgaan voor Nuchter Nederland.

No. 1-14 (all publ.). Den Haag (Rijkscommissariaat voor Bezet Nederland), n.d., -15 Sept. 1944. Tabloïd format, later newspaper size. Together with the very rare ORIGINAL of the Illegally published "Speciale Extra Editie!" (1 Mei 1944), printed in red and black ink, and added the later reprint (1949) printed in black only. Few numbers foxed and with browned folding creases; no. 14 has an ownership stamp in right upper corner.
Fortnightly tabloïd published by the National Socialists ostensibly as a satirical illegal publication, edited by Louis Theyssen, with contribs. by Willem W. Waterman (= W.H.M. van den Hout, better known as Willy van der Heide, after the war the author of a famous series of youth fiction "Bob Evers Serie") & H.A. Seyffardt. Lead articles as:
"Welke Hollanders Worden Straks Opgehangen? Waar Blijft Onze Invasie? Wie Krijgen De Baantjes?", and varying text in mast-head as:
"Speciale Invasie-Editie. Als de oorlog voorbij is. Alleen echt met dit merk (wacht U voor namaak.". The extra-edition was published by the Dutch resistance in a lay-out imitating the original and was sold openly for several hours in the streets and on newspaper stands before the German authorities became aware of this practical joke. Winkel: 206. (See also: Groeneveld, Zwaard van de geest, p.86).

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