Revista mensual de literatura y arte.

Nos. 1-10 (all publ.). Buenos Aires, 1918-1920. Original wrappers (a bit stained; first 4 pages of no. 1 torn on the top,without loss of text.Otherwise in good condition).

EUR 500.00

Literary and artistic periodical, directed by E. Morales, D. Novillo Quiroga, Art. Logorio. Illustrated by Indalecio Pereyre, Alfredo Guido, López Naguil, Héctor Basaldúa, Eduardo Tartaglione, etc. Contributions by Gabriele d'Annunzio, G. Mistral, RobertoGiusti, R.A. Arrietta, Ortega y Gasset, Shaw,a.o. Number 6 on Russian authors. [Lafleur, etc. p. 72/73].