Nos. 1-21 (=Vol. 1-7). Los Angeles, Spring 1958-1964. Original wrappers.
Since its founding in 1955, the ONE Institute of Los Angeles has been a cornerstone institution for gay research. In 1956 the Institute offered the first college-level course on homosexuality from a gay-affirmative perspective on the premise that gay men and lesbians familiar with their group history, sociology, and anthropology could more effectively fight for their civil rights. Under the banner "homophile studies," the Institute's interdisciplinary curriculum challenged deeply embedded academic biases against homosexuality, laying the groundwork for present-day gay studies in universities across the country. One Incorporated. A non-political, non-sectarian organisation concerned with the interests of the millions of homosexual American men and women. Founded 1952Ed. by James Kepner, W. Dorr Legg, a.o.; articles on a wide range of topics related to male and female homosexuality, law and psychiatry, sociology, arts and letters. Winter 1960, vol. 3 no 1 is special issue "The Right of Association". ( Six case-studies concerning homosexuals and the law. prompted by the charges laid against Mary's First and Last Chance Bar in Oakland, California in 1956).