Ano 1-9 (most probably all publ., comprising nos. 1-215). Barcelona, 1888-30 Dec. 1896. Folio; bound in three large vols., red h. leather with gilt title on spine. Numerous illustrations.

EUR 1,000.00

Directed by Felipe Pedrell, ed. by Jacinto E. Tort y Daniel, published by Victor Berdós. Illustrated weekly issues of 8-12 pp. each, text on three columns. Every issue illustrated with at least one portrait of a composer or musician on the front page and 2-3 (mostly full page) woodengravings inside, often depicting scenes from operas, theatre pieces, music halls or musical scenes, lateron also some art prints. The editorial content deals extensively with musical life in Spain and abroad, concerts and opera performance, etc.; the musical supplements announced in each number are not included; no. 135 is missing, otherwise the set is fully collated and complete. No. 68 is a special issue devoted to Verdi.
Added: in sheets, pages xix, 1-316 of 'Dicionario biografico y bibliografico de musicos Espenoles, etc.', by Felipe Pedrell, probably published as supplements to the journal. This periodical is obviously very rare: not mentioned in Torrent/Tassis in the history of the Catalan press, not mentioned in the Union List of Serials in the USA nor in Cat. Collectif du B.N.; Fellinger mentions the title as no. 1044 and (most probably in error) indicates that 10 years were published; he does however not indicate more than 3 libraries with holdings of this title, none of which complete.