A Magazine of Awareness.

Nos. 1-4/5 (all publ.). Amsterdam, June 1978 - July 1980. Original pictorial wrappers; illustrations & photographs.
Rare complete.

EUR 500.00

Journal of the "Magic Amsterdam" 'avant-garde', edited. by Edward Woods, with assistance of, and guest-editorships by Ira Cohen, Mel Clay, Neeli Cherkovski, Hans Plomp, William Levy, a.o. Articles & photographs by Steef Davidson (on the Nieuwmarkt: Subway Culture in Amsterdam), Mel Clay (The Myth of the Male Orgasm. Window Shopping in Amsterdam Red Light District), Hans Plomp, Rachel Pollack, Ira Cohen, Simon Vinkenoog (on Magic Amsterdam). Marijke Mooy,, Steve Weiss, Jessie Gordon, Bruce Carpenter & Charlz Baba, Rachel Pollack, Magic Mike Taylor.Bert Schierbeek, Tajiri, Marpa, a.o.