Opgericht 1967.

Nos. 1-4 (all published), Amsterdam, 1 Maart 1967, December 1977-1978. Tabloid-size; Rare complete with the first issue which was confiscated and is extremely rare,this issue with some damage to spine, edges and over the centerfold.
Edited by Dutch artist/ writer Jan Cremer, at that time working in New York, published by Peter Loeb. This magazine is by and about Jan Cremer, depicting his work and publishing his texts.
No. 1 Hoofdredacteur: Jan Cremer Produktie: Willem de Ridder Off-set, 44 × 31 Een uitgave van Jan Cremer & Hans Sleutelaar, Rotterdam
No. 2 features his famous 'Dutch Landscapes' (Hollandse Landschappen, exhibited in Arnhem and Leeuwarden); No. 3 features his expedition in Greenland (photographs and film 'The Long White Trail'); No. 4: 'Jan Cremers Logboek', texts and photographs by and on 'Jan Cremer' and friend(s). The first issue was confiscated immediately upon publication charged with indecent assault by the writer Cees Nooteboom for the article 'Het Drama Liesbeth List'.

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