Literair periodiek.

Years 6-15 (=last publ.). Delft, Rotterdam, The Hague, 1964/65-1976/77. Original pictorial wrappers.

EUR 400.00

Periodical typical for the 60's and 70's in The Netherlands. Ed. by P. Berger, J. Boelens, A. Bontridder, O. Dijk, Wim Hazeu, J.W. Overeem, W.M. Roggeman, H. Scholten, J. v.d. Vegt, E. v. Vliet, H. v.d. Waarsenburg. Contribs.: A. Marja, P. de Wispelaere, S. Vinkenoog, Saul van Messel (J. Meijer), Louis-Paul Boon, H. Andreus, Jan Hanlo, Gust Gils, Th. de Vries, J. Noordzij, H. Heeresma, a.o.Lay-out front covers by Willem Hussem, Edwin Engles & Toon Rooymans. Several thematic issues.