Edited by Pieter Brattinga.

Collection of all 35 pieces (complete and in unusual good condition) published by Steendrukkerij de Jong, Hilversum, between 1955 and 1974. Original wrappers, portfolio-wrappers, foldings, and one box. Sq. 4to., 25 x 25 Cm. Text in Dutch, English, French and German.
comprising: all 27 proper Quadrat-Prints, plus 5 folding cards (text + image), the Sonsbeek folder and 2 anniversary volumes. Rare collection in absolutely excellent, near mint condition.
A landmark of fine Dutch design. A series of publications initiated by Pieter Brattinga, focusing on printing-art and characterised by a great diversity in concept, design, context and typography. In 1955 the name ‘Kwadraatblad’ (Quadrat Prints) was introduced with the folded lithographs measuring 25x25 cm., by Cor Klaasen, Jan Sleper, Ed van der Elsken/Lucie Kurpershoek,Friso Henstra. These were followed by the famous ‘Clocks of Chagall’ an, original work by Marc Chagall illustrating a text by Bernard Majorick in November 1956. Also present is the rare Photolitho for Sonsbeek Pavillion by Rietveld and the 2 Anniversary Books of the Steendrukkerij (50th and 60th Anniversary). Brattinga assigned a cultural task to the quadrat prints: they were devoted to technologically much advenced experiments in the field of design, art, architecture, music and literature and evolved to a wellknown avant-garde annual journal. In 1974 the succesful series came to an end with ‘Typographic analysis’ by A. Magelhaes. The prints and booklets were available free of charge as promotional matter for clients and friends. Due to this only few complete sets have survived and have become quite rare, particularly in near mint condition as here, and with the added parts. This collection checked against the bibliography by Geneviève Waldmann: ‘The activities of Pieter Brattinga’ (‘s Gravenhage, 1989) comprises the following titles:
- DE KLOKKEN VAN CHAGALL (The clocks of Chagall). Booklet. 1957. With a lithograph of Marc Chagall. Author B. Majorick; design Otto Treumann Plain cover, spine very lightly sunned
- THE SICK LION AND THE FOX. 1957. With litho by Cees Timmer
- BUCKMINSTER FULLER. Loose-leaf booklet. 1958. Together 4 leaves + wrapper, design Otto Treumann
- NU XX (in the middle of the XXth century). Booklet. 1959. Text and design by W. Sandberg. 1959
- MART KEMPERS. Portfolio of 3 lithographs. ca. 1959
- MUZIEK EN TECHNIEK (Music and Technics). 1960. Text by the composer Ton de Leeuw. Design Harry Sierman
- PLAYING CARDS, looseleaf, 1960/61. By Anne H. Mulder, design: H.P. Doebele
- SCHRIJF-TAAL (Written language). 1961. Portfolio of handwritten poems by international poets, loose-leaf. Ed.: Simon Vinkenoog; design Ton Raateland
- GENESIS OF A COMPOSITION, booklet. 1961. With a reproduction of a mural painting (foldout) by Jan Bons; author B. Marjorick
- ORGANICS. Booklet. 1961. Author William Katavolos; design Pieter Brattinga. 1961. The philosopher designer William Katavolos writes about “Organics” in design”
- Munari: UNREADABLE BOOK, folded portfolio with loose-leaf. 1964. Design: Bruno Munari. 1964 (Note: This book folded in the original wrapping paper designed and imprinted by Brattinga; left bottom corner of the wrap has a minuscule defect, but otherwise near mint and the book itself mint, as is seldom seen)
- SCHRIJF-TAAL ii (Written language ii). 1963. Portfolio containing 19 leaves. Ed. - S. Vinkenoog, design Ton Raateland
- SCHRIJF-TAAL iii (Written language iii). No date. Portfolio with loose-leaf. Contemporary poetry collected by Simon Vinkenoog, with the handwriting of poets
- DAILY MIRROR, portfolio with loose-leaf printed by Diter Rot on newsprint. 1965. Design Diter Rot. (the cardboard portfolio in good condition,with only the left overlaying flap neatly enforced from the inside, the printed pages inside internally mint)
- PHILOMENE, book illustrated by Pim van Boxsel. 1966. Design Pieter Brattinga. (‘The marvelous adventures of Philomene’ told in drawings by Pim van Boxsel)
- NEW ALPHABET. 1967. Booklet. Text and design by W. Crouwel. ‘Proposal for a new type that, more than the traditional types, is suited for the composing system with the CRT’
- COUNTERPROPOSAL by Gerard Unger in response to ‘New Alphabet’ 1967
- SCHRÖDER HOUSE. Booklet with foldouts. 1963. Text by G. Rietveld. Design and photography Pieter Brattinga. With architectural drawings and handwritten notes by Rietveld.
- EXTRA SCHRIJFTAAL (Extra written language). 1967. Cover with double-page spread. With 3 lithographs by Henry Miller; design Pieter Brattinga
- NU 2. Booklet, edited and designed by W. Sandberg. 1968
- ALPHABET. Booklet. 1969. Author Thimoty Epps in response to ‘New Alphabet’. Design John Stegmeijer
- ALPHABET. Portfolio with looseleaf, by Anthon Beeke in response to ‘New Alphabet’. 1970. Photography by Geert Kooiman; on the inside cover a photo essay by Ed van der Elsken
- WIM SPREEUWERS. Untitled. 1970. Folded portfolio with box constructions
- MUSIC PAPER. Portfolio with loose-leaf ‘music-paper’, 1970. Text and design Paul v. Reeuwijk.
- HOUSE. 1971. Booklet with photographs by Les Levine. Design Pieter Brattinga
- CIJFER (Figure). 1971. Box with cash receipts, symbolising a trip around the world. Design Pieter Brattinga. (copy no. 0549)
- A TOPOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS OF A PRINTED SURFACE. 1974. Concept Aloisio Magalhaes; design Pieter Brattinga.
- Folder on white card (photolitho) for SONSBEEK PAVILLION BY GERRIT RIETVELD. 1956. Author: Jan Elburg; design Jurriaan Schrofer (format 21 x 25 Cm; a bit yellowed) with the book added.
- All 5 folding cards (complete, 1955-1956) lithographed Cards (25 x 25 Cm) by: Mart Kempers (Uuur U, rare), Jan Sleper, Cor Klaassen, Friso Henstra, Lucie Kurpershoek-Visser)
- TWO BOOKS published on the occasion of the 50th and 60th Anniversary of Steendrukkerij (the printer) De Jong.
- 7 INVITATIONS (12,5x12,5 cm each, folding) to openings/vernissages of Exhibition in the Canteen of the Printshop: 23/1-4/3,1965 (Kelly):- 16/8-22/9, 1965 (Wim Schippers) 26/2-6/4,1966 (Colour abd Cube); 11/12-11/2,1966 (Vases); 11/6-30/8,1966 (Topor Panic); 18/6-30/7, 1971 Roland van den Berghe). -27/3/27/5, 1965 (Ikko Tanaka).

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