Nos. 1-8/9 (all publ.). Bruxelles,Transédition, hiver 1974-1985. Original illustrated wrappers. Very good condition. Together with Luna Park - Numéro 1 - Nouvelle série - janvier 2003 - orig. Wrappers with a small disk by Takahiko Suzuki.
Together 8 issues (no 8/9 is a double/issue) of this periodical devoted to experimental art and literature, edited by Marc Dachy who was awarded" Le Prix des Créateurs" for the publication by Eugène Ionesco in 1978. Thematic issues: no . 1: Proses en experimentation (cover: Frederic Bal; with photographs of W. Burroughs by Rapael Sorin; ) no. 2: Graphies (cover: A.Spilliaert, graphics byAltman. Dotremont, Guyotat, etc) ; no 3: Qui a suicidé Meinhof; no. 4: Gertrude Stein (photos: Cecil Beaton) no 5: Antonin Artaud (photos Georges Pastier); no. 6: Sophie Podolski Snow Queen (with numerous illustrations); no 7: Cover Dotremont; no. 8/9: Un siécle d'avant-garde. Contributions, texts and ills. by.: Alain Arias-Misson, Christian Dotremont, Roberto Altmann, Henri Lefebvre, Fr. Collin, Matisse, Picasso, Artaud, Fr. Rivière, James Joyce, S. Beckett, Ezra Pound, Kurt Schwitters, Tzara, etc. The new series contains contributions by Luna Park - Numéro 1 - Nouvelle série - janvier 2003 - Artaud, Gysin,Alechinsky,Dachy,Borer,John Cage a.o,.
(Probably no more published adfter this number).