Magazine 5: New York, Interim Books, 1972. Consists of 10 pamphlets, each in a handsewn edition of 500 copies, kept in original cardboard box.

EUR 250.00

Edited and published by Kirby Congdon; book design by Ralph Simmons. Contents: No. 1: 'A conversation by mail' among the poets Margaret Randell, Reginald Gay, Robert Bly, Harry Smith and Kirby Congdon; No. 2: 'Dear Fathers', a tract on religion by Gregory Corso; No. 3: 'The Frightened Enemy' the symposium on poetry at the Library of Congress; No. 4: 'Counting out' rhyme by Helen Adam; No. 5: 'XI Poems' by Joan Colby; No. 6:'What is Poetry for?' an essay by Kirby Congdon; No. 7: 'Young America' poetry by Carl A. Robins; No. 8: 'Poems 1972', by Charles Bukowski, Walter Griffin, Esther M. Leiper, David Gerry, a.o.; No. 9: 'Poems 1972' by Norm Moser, Bruce Rettman, Jay Socin, a.o.; No. 10: 'A Gallery 1972' portraits of people behind the scene.

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