Semanario Ilustrado Independiente (no. 61 and following: Semanario de Politica, Economica y Polemica).

Ano 1 no 0; Ano 1 no 1 - Ano 4 no 147 (= probably last). Buenos Aires, 14 Marzo 1957-14 Marzo 1960. Self-wrappers, 27 x 33.5 Cm.; illustrated.

EUR 1,000.00

Complete collection of this critical weekly, issues of ab. 32 pp.; with political and social contents, numerous photographs and general information. Director: Dr. Tulio Jacovella. The last issue announces the exile of the editor, and sollicits the blank vote. Nos. 129, 131, 132 and 133 were replaced by emergency editions, which are included in the set. Several issues deal with the Operacion Masacre.

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