(Une revue affiche)

Nos. 1-36 (all publ.?). Bellevue, février 1969-avril 1972.
Lacks No. 26. Large posters, mostly printed on one side only. Incudes the supplements to issues 8 & 14.

EUR 1,500.00

Printed by Jean Marcille. Edited by Renée Boullier. Each issue with a different lay-out, on white paper. Some reproductions: Gaston Chaissac, Jean Hélion, Picabia, Filiberti, M. Gimond, Marcelle Cahn... Litt. contr.: Renée Boullier, Picabia (Manifeste du Bon Goût), M. Arland, Jouhandeau, Pierre Albert-Birot, Gaston Chaissac. Issue No. 36 'NABUDADA' (Tzara, Picabia...).