(Weekblad van den ouden Heer Smits).

Vol. 1-4 (all publ.) Rotterdam, Arnhem, Amsterdam, 1856-1859. Continued as:
New Series Vol. (1) - 49 no 9 (all and last publ.). Arnhem, The Hague, 1860-1908. Original and new boards. Numerous illustrations.
Liberal weekly ed. by M.P.Lindo, later: G. Keller, Fr. Mulder, Carel Vosmaer, N.F.A.G. Campbell, Tideman, H. Louis, Israëls; with contribs. by the best Dutch authors on literature, arts, politics, etc., such as R.C. Bakhuizen van den Brink, J.J. Cremer, Marcellus Emants, C. Busken Huet, a.o. Year 1857 with 24 lithographs, from 1860 onw. each issue contains a satirical supplementary fullpage lithograph mainly by:
J.M. Schmidt Crans (till 1896);
Willem van Konijnenburg (who was the regular illustrator from 1896-1901) and in later years
Jan Linse. Other illustrators were
Carel Vosmaer, Henricus (=Hendrik Jansen), Alexander Verhuell, Theo van Hoytema, Jan Sluyters, Jan Rotgans & Jan Rinke. The collection comprises 2429 plates (lithographs), incl.: "Album van den Ned. Spectator", plates 1-13 (all publ.), 1869-1872, by J. Israëls, Jan Weissenbruch, A. Allebé, Ch. Rochussen, a.o. 2 Years (= 1905 (in reduced size) & 1908), and 86 issues & supplementary plates from 3 vols. are in photoreprint.