A magazine devoted to the craft of poetry.

Nos. 1-15. New York, Winter 1970 - Summer 1973. Original pictorial wrappers; illustrations & photographs.

EUR 300.00

Unbroken run of the first 15 numbers. Edited by William Packard. This magazine (issues ranging from 90 - 220 pages) publishes poetry and features contemporary poets. Each issue contains an interview (W.H. Auden, Paul Blackburn, Anne Sexton, Stanley Kunitz, J. Rothenberg, Allen Ginsberg, D. Levertov, Galway Kinnell, L. Medwick, J. Dickey, M. Rukeyser, R. Wilbur, R. Creeley, J. MacLow, Howard Moss) and numerous photographs of poets. Included is much unpubl. work by poets like R. Bly, Blackburn, W. Stafford, J. Logan, J. Updike, L. Conellan, Ch. Bukowski, D. Ignatow; also thematic issues, dedicated to Chinese, Puerto Rican, Yiddish, Black, American, Indian Poets.