NEWS. (N.E.W.S.)

(Uitg. De Harmonie, Amsterdam).

No. 1-6. (Amst., De Harmonie), 1976, 6 parts, all in loose lvs. as issued, num. (photogr.) ills., printed in 200 (numb.) copies, A4. (Nos. 1-4 unnumbered, Nos. 5 & 6 numbered, all publ.). Loose-leaves, in the original manilla envelopes. Envelopes a bit damaged, as they have actually been through the mail, contents fine. = With the orig. introductory/ subscription letter.

EUR 1,500.00

Limited ed. of 200 copies loose-leaves in mailing envelopes, by Jeroen Henneman and Marthe Röling. . Publication supported by Markus Raetz. Comprises 176 leaves in black & white, with ills., drawings, literary contribs., photographs, etc. by these two artists. One issue (as far as we could tell this is the unnumbered no.3), consisting of 30 leaves, is an illustrated contribution by Henneman on the design of a "city-lightning object" (Metten Koornstra), photographs by Dirk Ayelt Kooiman,Jaap de Graaf, Waldo Dettling, Cor van Weele. No. 2 contains a text and work by D.A.K. (Dirk Ayelt Kooiman).

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