Politiek-Satiriek Weekblad, Zondagsblad van 'Het Volk'.

Years 1-30 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1907-1936,
with precursor:
HET VOLK. Zondagsblad. Years 1-5 (all). Amsterdam, July 1902-Dec.1906. A very good set, bound, mostly original publ. cloth (vols. 1-17 & 22-26), rest new cloth. 4to & folio.
Rare entirely complete set.
Added: Prenten van Albert Hahn Sr. Edited by A. Hahn Jr., Becht, Amsterdam, 1928.
Politico-satirical drawings (mostly full-page) are by
Albert Hahn (the mainstay of the publication till his death in 1918), Kees van Dongen, Th. Bottema, N. Bodenheim, Jan Rinke, Ton van Tast, Jan Visser, Jordaan, J. Rotgans, Funke Küpper, G. van Raemsdonck, L. Raemaekers, C. Brandenburg, Schotel, Godefroy, etc.; many of these drawings have become very well-known (e.g. the railroad-strike). In the editorial columns we find contribs. by Wibaut, H. Heijermans, and in the first 5 years (Het Volk) many by Jacob Israël de Haan.

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