Publicació mensuel de literatura i d'art.

Nos. 1-30 (of 31 issues publ.). Barcelona, 1927-June 1929. Bound in 5 vols., without the wrappers. Added: No. 31 in photocopy.

EUR 700.00

Catalan monthly on arts and letters, directed by Josep Maria Junoy, with a truly European flavour, very representative for the modern Catalan spirit with its many foreign roots and contacts.
With many illustrations. Contr.: Pompeu Fabra, Carles Riba, J. Puig, I. Ferreter, Carles Soldevilla, Rossend Llates, Joan Esyelrich, Joan Sacs, etc. (4 illustrations in no. 29 are waterstained; index of year 1929 not present).