Ano 1-6 (all publ., comprising nos.1-27) and 2a. Epoca: Ano 1-2 (all publ., comprising nos. 1, 2, 3/4). Montevideo, March 1949-Dec.1955, and April 1963-May 1964. First series bound in 6 vols. unif. blue hcloth, second series original wrappers, on slightly enlarged size (somewhat soiled, in particular no 3/4)..

EUR 1,200.00

The organ of the "generacion del 45". Directed by Manuel A. Claps, Emir Rodriguez Monegal, Idea Vilarino, later by Mario Benedetti, Sarandy Cabrera; contribs. include (also transl.): Arturo Barea, Enr. Anderson Imbert, R. Caillois, Alb. Camus, T.S. Eliot, Juan Ramon Imenez, Georg Lukacs, Mary McCarthy, Alfonso Reyes, J.A. Sorondo, a.o.