Settimanale di attualità e letterature.

Year 1-4 no. 5. Milano, Giugno 1939 - 31 Gennaio 1942,
together with the post-war continuation:
OGGI. Settimanale di politica attualità e cultura. Year 1-11. Milano, 1945-1954. Format 28,5 x 38,5 cms.
Altogether a set from 1939-1954 comprising 602 issues (of 24-36 pp. each) of this fully illustrated magazine. Founded by Mario Pannunzi & Arrigo Benedetti. With political, literary and actualities of the day content, one of the major large circulation weeklies of the period. Years 1939-1942 give an extensive photographic report on the war in Africa and later in Europe, seen from the Italian point of view. Contribs. by Vittorini, Bonsanti, Banti, Dessi, Gatto, Montale (with an important contribution "La poesia come arte"), Fortini, Savinio, Morante, Moravia, Flaiano, Landolfi a.o. The post-war edition is directed by E. Rusconi, with contribs. by Angelo Magliana, Adriano, Buzzati T., Pierro Ottone, Mario Cardone, Mario Massaro, Teodoro Celli, and many others. The set lacks 31 nos. from 6 years. Only a few numbers are slightly browned; throughout in good condition.
Added: year 1955 nos. 27-52.