3-maandelijks jeugdtijdschrift voor kunst, wetenschap en arbeidersbeweging.

Vol. 1-9 no. 1 (of 4). Amsterdam, 1922- Sept. 1930. Wrappers, first 2 years in original portfolio, year 7 bound (modern boards) & 9 no. 1 repaired. 4to; illustrated.
Quarterly of the Dutch socialist youth-movement, ed. by "Arbeiders-Jeugdcentrale". Ed.-in-chief: Koos Vorrink. Including the
orig. woodcut by Jac.J.Ottens and the orig. lithograph by W. Schuhmacher; other contribs. include Albert Hahn jr., A.M. de Jong, Maurits Dekker, Jef Last, S. de Wolff, J.R. Miranda, W. Jos. De Gruyter (Moderne Gebruikskunst), etc. Wrps. designed by Fré Cohen.