Revista Portuguesa de Arte e Turismo.

Nos. 1-39 (all). Lisbon, June 1941-1949; then
Series 2: Nos. 1-13/14 (all). Lisbon, 1951-1955; then
Series 3: Nos. 1-24 (all). Lisbon, 1956-Dec.1961; then
Series 4: Nos. 1-18. Lisbon, March 1962-June 1966. Original pictorial wrappers in colour. Folio.

EUR 800.00

Richly illustrated monthly (lateron: quarterly) on Portuguese art, of which the quality of the contributions exceeds by far the primary objective of Tourist promotion. Officially published by the State Tourist Office, at first directed by Ant'onio Ferro, graphic director J'ulio Gil. It had important contributors, authors, artists and photographers. Besides articles on art and local history, also contributions on Goa, Brasil, Angola, etc. One issue with a few ink marks, but on the whole in very good condition. Publication continued till September 1973 (no 46/47 of series 4), but notwithstanding thae fact that the set is not complete till the end, this is an extremely long, ongoing series from the begioing, in quite good condition, and very scarce thus. (On the importance of the artistic, literary and photographic contribution see extensively: Pires, Dicionario II,1, p/ 346-354).

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